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Agricultural roofing

Tunnels, infills, rapid doors, tarpaulins

Tecnoengineering of Treviso designs, manufactures and installs many types of covers for agriculture.The company, with more than thirty years experience, is able to build solid, et economical, structures, achieving maximum resistance to weathering, in particular to snow load and wind force. The covers for agricultural use in PVC are ideal for many uses, such as making hay for forage, protecting animals from the weather, sheltering agricultural tools, building horticulture and floriculture plants, covering manure and / or storing sewage.

All products for the agricultural sector, as well as the industrial sector, are designed and built directly in the company’s factories in Susegana, in the province of Treviso, before being distributed in Italy and Europe through a wide sales network, with efficient support services guaranteed over time.


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